Growing up, I always expressed a natural artistic talent and when I was introduced to the art of calligraphy I fell in love… the details, the romance of calligraphy, all done by hand. I see it as a link to the past that has faded from today’s convenient society. In our busy lives it’s always nice to receive hand written mail. I love what I do and that’s why I decided to open my own studio. All my calligraphy is hand written with traditional pointed dip pen and ink. I take the time to mix my own colors to match your color exactly.

Having been a bride myself, I was always excited about the details in planning a wedding – from the glossy wedding magazines full of ideas to the varieties of fine stationery. I absolutely love receiving a bride’s blank envelopes and embellishing them with calligraphy. Even as a calligrapher I love receiving hand written mail myself (who doesn’t?).